North Meadow Orlando


Introducing our newest addition to the North Meadow Croquet line. This set was made specifically for children. We have met the challenge of designing a mallet not only attractive to children but with full croquet functionality as well.

With the mallet heads matching the corresponding ball color, the unique design is sure to please the little ones. In addition we have produced a colorful croquet bag. And, yes, we did purposefully use the three colors of our country on the bag to gently remind all that this set is manufactured entirely in the USA!

This set includes:

  • (6) 3 1/8 inch poly balls
  • (6) 6 3/4 inch poly mallet heads and 22 inch wood mallet handles
  • (9) powder-coated premium wickets: 6" wide x 10" tall x 5/32" diameter
  • (2) 18 inch goal stakes
  • (1) heavy duck cloth carrying/storage bag that will hold mallets assembled
  • (1) instruction/rule book
  • Family Option: substitute up to three Newport mallets for Orlando mallets

These sets are designed for non tournament - Nine Wcket Croquet.


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