North Meadow Newport 6 Player Croquet Set

Made in Maine with northern hardwoods this entry level family croquet set is great for the whole family. Its lighter weight mallets and related equipment makes it perfect for use by the younger and older alike. Rated and endorsed by the United States Croquet Association for Normal Backyard Recreational Play this set includes:

  • (6) 3 5/16 inch poly balls
  • (6) 8 1/2 inch heads and 30 inch handles
  • (9) powder-coated standard wickets measuring 6" x 10" x 5/32" dia.
  • (2) 18 inch goal stakes
  • (1) nylon carrying/storage bag
  • (1) instruction/rule book

These sets are designed for non-tournament Nine Wicket Croquet.

Newport 6 Player Set