Frequently Asked Questions

Are your croquet sets really Made in the USA?

Yes, all the North Meadow Croquet sets are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. We did previously import the croquet bag, we have since brought the manufacturing of these bags back to Maine in early 2010. Some minor components such as hardware is imported for use in the production of some of our sets.

When The North Meadow Croquet Co. was formed the primary objectives were:

  1. retain / create manufacturing jobs in the USA
  2. offer high quality products
  3. must become a viable operation to continue

Why should I purchase a North Meadow Croquet set?

To answer this question we ask you, are any of our competing manufacturers' croquet sets worthy of engraving your name on them? We think not! In most instances our competitors can manufacture their sets (offshore) for less than what it would cost to personalize it here in the USA. Please note, you can order our sets without your name engraved on them.

Our succinct answer to this questions is that by purchasing our croquet sets you are helping to save manufacturing jobs here in the USA and your support is greatly appreciated.

Are the balls made of wood?

No, the balls are made of a poly resin and weigh on average 10 ounces which meets the Class D criteria for non-tournament Nine Wicket Croquet.

Do the mallets fit in the croquet bag assembled?

Absolutely! This is a very common question we receive. Unlike most of our competitors' sets, we have designed our croquet carry/storage bags specifically to store our sets with the mallets fully assembled.

What is your warranty?

Our croquet sets are warranted against defect in quality and craftsmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase, shipping costs for replacement parts is not covered under the warranty. If you have purchased a set from us at the retail level through we will provide replacement for defective parts for ONE YEAR from date of purchase at no charge. Any use of our croquet sets in a manner for which they were not designed or for the game of eXtreme croquet will void the warranty. In some instances a digital photo may be requested highlighting the defect. Proof of purchase will be required.

Can replacement or single parts be purchased?

Yes, we have components offered online at:  Pierce Point Laser  .
You may also call  1-866-623-3988
  to speak with us directly.

Have you implemented any "green" practices?


  • We are now making the wheels on the Croquet Caddy from wood, a renewable resource.
  • We have eliminated the plastic bags used in packaging.
  • We now use corrugated and newsprint (a blank paper product) as our package padding; both are made from wood fiber and is a renewable and recyclable material
  • We have eliminated using lithograph cartons and are using photos labels instead, thereby reducing substantially the amount of inks used per package.