Introducing North Meadow Croquet

The North Meadow Croquet Co. was formed by its parent company  Pierce Point Laser  of Oxford, Maine in March of 2008. Having created the personalized croquet market several years ago, Pierce Point Laser has long recognized the importance of offering the consumer a quality built croquet set Made in the USA. When the manufacturing of the last production line croquet sets in the United States appeared as though it would cease, Pierce Point Laser began negotiations to acquire the line from Forest Industries (previously Paris Mfg.) in an effort to continue manufacturing this decades old line of quality croquet sets.

While manufacturing in the USA has become a challenge at best due to offshore pressure, we are committed to producing the highest quality croquet sets while meeting all the rules & regulations required of a domestic manufacturer. Our standards within the mill provide a most safe environment for the craftsmen during the production of our finished wood components. Our committment to having the components we outsource be manufactured in the USA is a challenge and we are pleased to say that our efforts have been welcomed by other fellow domestic manufacturers.

Our strict adherence to regulations regarding materials used in the production of our products guarantees the consumer a product free of any toxic exposure. While the cost of domestic manufactured goods may be higher you may be assured that our croquet sets are made of toxic free components and are of the highest quality.

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